The Tourist #12


“Advertising images are structured around and work through mobilising and triggering the spectators desires and fantasies…”


P. 176

Art is necessarily unstructured, working as it does in the space opened in conscious subjectivity by love.

Images. Imitari.

Speech and writing are less primary and less truthful than an image, they are second order representations, imitations which are not even in the kind. Grotesque contrivances of representation.

Imitation is what we have.

We have no brother in the moon. We are too distantly a part.

(O Savage Spirit)

We have the choice to approach this concrete/abstract alienation with desire or with love.

This is the fundamental choice one has in making anything, desire or love.

Advertising is making out of desire.
Propaganda is making out of the Will to Power.

Art is making (out of) love.

Having learned the mathematics and the geometry and the optics and the colour values and the print ink percentages and the meters and tonal vocabularies available, keeping them always in mind and learning as they change then we can try to seduce, like creepy ugly perverts or we can try to love like awkward and ordinary hysterics. We can make thing in love and out of love. In and out of love.