The Tourist #44


“Digital photography is typified by ‘instantaneous time’, the ‘power of now’ and what we term screen-ness.”

Immanence immanence.
The instantaneousness of time must then transmit the absolute proximity, at all times, of God?

An instantaneousness beyond the verbal?

An instantaneousness which includes the virtual.

An “environment” which includes signs and symbols saturated with meaning and meaninglessness… in much the same way they always did, then? Only there are more? Too many? We can’t find them again?

But yes of course we can find them again, that is how, after all, that we test reality, by re-finding. All this newness isn’t at all new, its merely quotation, isn’t it? So is it merely that we hear the same stupid messages over and over and over again to the point of reductio ad absurdum?

Is is not only that your will to power is drowned in stupidity that makes you angry? You are not anxious because there is so much you are furiously bored because there is so much of so little, it’s the absolute surity of total meaninglessness that the repetition and constant requotation induce. You would think the effect was anti emetic, the terrifying truth is quite the reverse.

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