The Tourist #58


“While it is still early days, the lives of photographs on Facebook and Flickr tend to be short lived; a stream of transitory ephemeral throwaway images. They are talked about today and forgotten tomorrow.”

So photography now is more like newspaper photography then, then? Except we don’t have to throw away actual paper.

What of the alternative? “A monumental pillar of indelible concrete pricelessly reified original things” - like in the Sentinel? In 2001? Those things are alien things, though, aren’t they? That is why they are things, why they, how they remain things and resist becoming objects. Is it not? What happens when we see things? Unsymbolisable things? You go mad then die.

(The soul is a bone.)

You don’t know what photos you need until the others die and/or leave you wanting.

And data, is stored. Even when it is not seen, it is waiting to be seen by God. Data is eternal evidence.

Agamben’s Judgement Day.