The Tourist #42


“By contrast with the ‘that-has-been’ temporality of analogue photographs, digital camera screens show ongoing events right here, with the spaces of pictureing, posing and consuming converged.”

Spinozean immanence.

(The reference to Barthes is so ill placed and ill considered it doesn’t bear the energy that would be required to write the two lines which would be required to elucidate how shit it is.)

Con - intensive prefix

Sumare - under

Sub - under

Emere - to buy, take.

Consumere - use up, eat, waste.

To consume - to destroy by separating into parts that cannot be reunited.

Photographs cannot be consumed, do not consume and are not of consumption. Photography does not transcend the “nature” of consumption, they subvert the nature of this nature.

Posing, Gesturing. To pose against the act of “picturing”?

And in looking -  consuming?