The Tourist #52


“Indeed, many tourist sites examined in this book are Flickr-ised. Flickr contains 372,316 geotagged photos of the Eiffel Tower, 170, 966 of the Taj Mahal, 2,242,591 of Las Vegas, 364,841 of the Lake District and 105,716 of the Bilbao Guggenheim. ( .com; accessed 27.04.10)

Don’t these numbers, now, seem silly? Pathetically outdated? From only eight years ago we have “come so far”.

Communications technology makes a fool of empiricism, a fool of the scientist who indexes meaning as only a kind of idiot stoic, counting and recounting numbers which rise astronomically, like angels, like souls being raptured before the great tribulation.

Whether it is near or not the singularity has already decimated human becoming under the farcical, divine virtual gravity of data.

God died. Metaphysics died.

And, now,  grace is dead.