The Tourist #40


“The camera effects all this by turning scenery and the ‘gaze’ into graspable objects (just as photography turns women into materialised objects on a page or video).”

No one ever thought that women in the photo was a woman.



Uploading a nice picture of yourself or a loved one on to the social networking site Flickr then asking anonymous perverts to download the picture print it out, jack off to it and spew man jizz all over the photo. Said perverts and pornographers take that result, photograph it and upload it back to the group where the orginal tribute request took place thus creating a virtual bukake chain letter. The Flickr tribute request is usually made by cum gargling road whores, cum dumpsters and other various sluts which are known to inhabit the pornography website Flickr.

This gangbang whore on Flickr asked for a tribute, I was bored and my sister's old Glamour magazines were used up so I complied.


by caress whisper September 14, 2009

Piss Photos by Warhol.

What is the name of the Italian photographer who made those beautiful piss photos, perhaps from Bolgona?

Nino Migliori - Oxidation Pictures c.1950