The Tourist #51


“Most images that survive deletion at this stage are uploaded to computers and viewed on yet another screen, the computer screen.”

Paper can be viewed under the following light sources -




Hazard lights.

The screens for heart monitors and other medical equipment.

Radars screens.

The glow from electric bar heaters.

The glow from electric conduction heaters.

The glow from Insect Zappers.

The flow from cracked light sticks.

The flashes made by electric eels.


Stroboscopic flash units.

The sun.

John Lewis Anglepoise lamps.

Argos Anglepoise lamps.

Anglepoise© anglepoise lamps.

IBM computer screens.

Apple Macintosh computer screens.

Simply Computers Personal Desktop Computer screens.

Sunlight reflected on snow.

Burning books.

Burning artworks.

Burning museums.

Burning bodies.

Burning paper.

Burning photographs.

Some images which are taken on transparent media are printed out onto paper.

Paper can be burned, consumed by fire. (As can negatives.)

Paper can be consumed and disintegrated in water.

Paper can be thrown away to rot with the landfill.