The Tourist #56


“They do not so much share memories as ongoing or recent experiences. Photographs are less ‘clocks for seeing’ than performances of the now.”

Fucking millennials! Never having memories of all the unmemorable shit they do! (But perhaps having perfectly functioning memories of the meaningful things?)

There is a really interesting point here, it is only that it is not made, not elucidated maybe?
Memories still happen, nothing can turn a nothingy, shit boring funded by some tit trying to get rich “experience” into a truth-event.
Photographing something shit is just that, a shit. It is the photograph as the shit of a meal of the dirty dust that accumulates in the bottom of the cash drawer in the pop up cocktail and fair trade coffee bar.

But in defense of the young they cannot know that where they are is not important, that what they are doing is a fraud, not always, not yet. It is not their fault that the youth panels are consulted, that the young need to be given their chance to speak about what they want and what they need and what the future should look like etc etc. What training have they been given? Increasingly, more and more, they are given the training to be engaged and professional members of a neo-liberal conservative capitalist society. And the fuckers LAP it up. Its like being on Alan Sugars shitshow, who will make the grade to be the (fuck being an) Apprentice (I will be the fucking CEO right fucking NOW!). And they are given access to political meaning, and platform. But also to the most desperate desire to “succeed” which is to say, basically, to beat one another at getting jobs, while smiling and thanking one another profusely on social media. While desperately wanting to be the most interesting one but also wanting to maintain their ugly and ignorant sense of moral authority.

It is not the fault of the youth that what remains of any sense of authentic experience is one that you have to buy your way into with faux expertise and simulated enthusiasm, what else is there? What would you photograph, now, really? Wars and suffering is boring, not because you are inured to it but because to live one literally cannot take seriously what you see if you hope to maintain a functional relationship to the symbolic order. Love has been unmasked as the fraudulent whore of religion, still producing the strongest propaganda in the world’s worst novels and film buy ins.