The Tourist #11


“People desire to be seduced and such images are artfully structured to seduce.”



Please do not try to seduce me it seems pathetic.

One cannot “construct” an “image” “artfully” - to imagine that composition constructs desire is to imagine that desire is decipherable - able to be measured, calculated and reduced to geometry. Images recipher.

Images return the world to mathematics and abstraction.

(This is why Lacan’s Mathemes are so beautiful, they are the attempt to reconcile these things, it was such a brave thing to try to do, a generous thing to try to do, to propose those keys. It is no wonder that Lacan is so detested and misread.)

Images return the world to a distance proper to nature. A reminder of the objectness of the world. The thingness is illuminated too, by the shadow of the photographic.

Photographs help describe the alienation of the work of the mind of the speaking subject, they cast our minds into the immanence of the pure, abstract present where we try to parse all of the transformations and metamorphoses of things into objects.

I hate when someone tries to seduce me.

It doesn’t happen often, of course. Seduction is considered a biologically male activity, here, still, now, mostly. It is so boring, but I can wear the mask of seducer for your benefit if it is what is required, but please please do not attempt to wear one for me, my funny valentine.

Images do not seduce or produce desire, belief, knowledge or understanding. They are a register apart.

Images cause a vibration of the senses which we try to connect with the abstraction of subjectivity.

No one is seduced by an image.
No one desires to be seduced, it is merely not how desire works.

No ones does not see the strings which hold up and control the puppet.

People like seduction and are burned by desire. It seems. Sometimes it seems like we choose to reflect on the narratives and aphoristic excretions of the puppets despite the strings being on full view, in broad daylight.