Pier Paolo Pasolini - bits.

“My perspective could be that of an “artist,” namely, as the good bourgeoisie wants it, that of an insane person. But the fact that, for instance, two representatives of the old Power (though in reality they now serve, even if in an interlocutory fashion, the new Power) blackmailed one another regarding the financing for the Parties and the Montesi case (a case involving the murder of a 21 year old Roman women in which the aristocracy and Fascists were implicated), would be enough to drive someone insane; that is, discrediting a ruling class and the society before the eyes of a man with such intensity as to induce him to lose any sense of opportunity and limits, consequently throwing him into an actual state of ‘anomie’. It needs to be said that the view of the insane person is to be taken into serious consideration, unless one decides to be progressive in everything except the problem of the insane person, limiting his own effort by conveniently removing him.”

Pier Paulo Pasolini

The Power Without a Face: The True Fascism and therefore the True Antifascism.