The Tourist #34


“Holiday-makers desire ‘private’ photos. Yet their private photographs reflect a socially media constructed notion of apparently loving family life or friendship.”

This statement, among many here and elsewhere, seem so utterly alien to me.

Could we not imagine it, merely, inverted?

“Public photographs reflect an untraceable (although undoubtedly somewhere experienced in published form, irretrievably lost) privately constructed notion of honestly loving human life and desire.”

Is it not fair to say that public life is equally constructed out of private life, at least qua the individual attentive to the difference between these “stages”?

Also, is it not clear that, now, after digital (we are in the book, at this point, after the digital) holiday makers desire precisely public photos?

Is there not a transgression of the purely private into the purely public? No. That is the real “tragedy” as it were, of the contemporary Oedipus - frantically, desperately proving her suffering on social media via someone else’s textpic meme?