The Tourist #22


“As people become photographers, so they become amateur semioticians and competent ‘gazers’.”

Ohhhhh do they?

That’s when they “become” is it? Rather than remain in a perpetual state of becoming, they cease the process, it is definite and definitively “become”?

Are we saying then that when the begin and continue the process of photography they begin and continue the process of understanding the semiotic method of understanding the world as it is arranged by… whom?  What is the actual criticism that lingers like a shat pant under this patronising little jibe?
Basically, like everything, that capitalism is to blame. Photography is a kind of executioner of capitalism, right? Naw. It’s no, ya shower a fannies. Photography is a way for greedy people to steal things from stupid people by making them feel all nice and shit and then when they, the thickos, start to learn it they get all ‘involved’ but like not in a proper academic lefty way like us in like pure the way that the system is pure loaded against them and shit and like they think they can understand the like complex ways that lining shite up in photies makes them devotees of the hoor devil BUT like all they are like really doing is fucking GAZING like pure erect penises in the same way as like the mega corporations do like pure massive giant rapists.”
Fuck off and try again. In fact, don’t. Just fuck off.