The Tourist #15


“The show is designed as a constant series of new Kodak moments, as dances, costumes and dancers relentlessly change.”

This is offered as a kind of faux accusation of the impact of photography on the world in much the same way that “Capitalism” or “Marxism” or “Religion” is used as a method to alleviate the burden of our own stupidity and lack of self control in thrall to some higher power.
The gun the gun. Guns are fun. Until they aren’t. Etc.
Point the fucking thing at yourself, until such time you are capable of pointing it at anything else. Don’t point it at someone else. If you aren’t part of the group that you are targeting then don’t point the fucking thing in the first place.

The same is true of quotes, out of context advertising and everything else. Advertising is evil only so far as you are stupid enough to believe it.