I am going to Rome for a little while, in January 2019, to make things and see things.

I got some money from the government to do this.

I thought I would “share” what I have been doing to prepare for this little trip.

I have been reading a lot, and looking at things and thinking about things and making little lists. I will be being a tourist in Rome.

I live on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh which I think has a lot to do with this feeling of being a perpetually disappointed visitor to a museum/mausoleum/theme park-as-city tourist.

The basic format of what follows will be pages with pictures of the books I have been looking at and reading (some of them for the first time some of them again, and perhaps some notes about them, or not) and pages with writing. The writing will mostly take the form of critique or re-translation (of things that were already in English, mostly) in roughly the same way I do with the texts I read in classes with students (when I am actually teaching. Which I effectively do in secret, like a crime and as opposed to when I am merely “teaching” which is more like roughly and limply fucking cheap mechanically rendered anti-ethical sausage filling into the floppy plastic sheaths of future “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS” - which is what I am actually employed to do.)